About Us

Welcome to Baboig - the Online shop for Baby and Maternity Wear
--- not what you’d expect when you’re expecting!!!!!

Our Vision

To offer an exciting alternative to what we've come to know as maternity wear, and ensure would be mums and new mums can:

  • hold on to their fashion sense
  • find maternity clothes they'd like even if they weren't pregnant
  • look forward to maternity wear shopping
  • continue to make a fashion statement when pregnant
  • find styles that are wearable after the baby is born.
  • look forward to shopping for the baby

Our Story

The Baboig label started in 2004. It was born out of the desire to create a virtual world where mothers can find the best clothing on the planet, for themselves and their newborn. Offering from basic to luxury items, our garments are designed to ensure both fashion and comfort; one that will look and feel wonderful as well as fun to wear.

Our designs have been carefully selected for their individuality, style and uniqueness. We would also like to provide high quality baby products and gifts to purchase from the same site. We are now stocking the ‘Pebble’ brand soft toys for babies, and will add other brands and products we think are in line with the ‘Baboig’ vision.

Our Logo

Baboig is an Australian label and baboig means baby in Gaelic. The “sleeping baby” logo is the brand’s key image. It was felt by the creator of the ‘Baboig’ brand, the baby had endless potential - standing for everything a designer could hope to achieve: youth, perfection, reinvention, new beginnings/ possibilities, freshness and unlimited potential. It was also perfect for maternity. Though, it was later discovered that the spelling was slightly out and in fact “baby” is actually babog in Gaelic, all involved liked this quirky mistake and Baboig it remained.

Our Mission

At Baboig.com.au you'll always find the latest trends and best quality products for yourself and your baby. Our mission is to provide consumers the best products and the best service. Baboig’s will present consumers with designs, styling and clothes that energizes the expecting mother and relaxing for the baby.

If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We encourage your feedback and comments and if there is anything special we can do to make your shopping experience better, please give us a call at 0412 260 364. If you prefer to email, our address is info@baboig.com.au

Thank you for visiting Baboig and we look forward to seeing you again soon!