Rattles - snake - green 200-099SG

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"100% Cotton Outer 100% Polyester fill"
When we started Pebble there was never any question that we would make a range of snakes at some point. What is it about children, that they all love snakes. In fact when I was brainstorming with my friends for a name for Pebble back in the early days, there were many who thought that the new brand should be called snakes, so convinced were they of the love of children for these slippery reptiles. The ones we make are not slippery, in fact they’re rather cuddly. We make them in a hand knit garter stitch, which is where every row is knitted and although more time-consuming than a regular stocking stitch it gives such a lovely soft finish that we thought it would be perfect for these little friends.
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