Size Chart

  • A. Size Guide - Maternity

    We make tops in a full size range. Please take a look on the individual tee image to see what size the top fits up to. Tops which only go to Medium are one size, fitting more of a small woman (small to medium). The tops are designed to be worn fitted but not skin tight (all tops except for "babe" and "fragile" singlet which are one size, but a looser fit, suitable for small to large). The tops are longer than normal tee shirts, but meant to fit like a normal tee. Our general rule is that if you are a small, then choose a Small (but if you are putting on weight in breast and arms, then choose one size larger than normal).

    Size Guide – Maternity Tops

    Small Fits size 8 to 10
    Medium Fits size 12
    Large Fits size 14
    XL Fits size 16 to 18

    Each top fits up to a different size. So please check on the individual top. Tops which go up to XL all have added stretch.
  • B. Size Guide - Nursing

  • C. Size Chart - Baby

    This size chart is to be used as a guide only. The information is taken from the guidelines in the "Blue Book". All babies are unique and often do not fit the "average" range. if you child's height and/or weight cross over more than one row on the table, we suggest you purchase the larger size.

    Child's Weight Child's Height Child's Age Size
    Up to 4kg 47cm - 55cm New Born 0000
    4kg - 6kg 55cm - 60cm Up to 3 Months 000
    6kg - 8kg 60cm - 70cm Up to 6 Months 00
    8kg - 10kg 70cm - 75cm Up to 9 Months 0
    10kg - 11kg 75cm - 80cm Up to 12 months 1
    12kg - 14kg80cm - 90cm Up to 24 months 2